Richard R. BAUD - Personal data

Before working at cern...


Born a 8. november 1957 at Geneva Switzerland (Europa) (not guilty).
Male, single (and happy), working at cern from 1980 (using internet from 1984)
in a cryogenic group (very low temperatures applications (-270° C.))

Exasperated by all the crap visible on the net, has suddently decided to crate a HTML guide.
In spite of a litle bit of relief, has choosed to persevere sometime.

Experience: Electronic (analog/digital), computer, data aquisition, cryogenic.
Character: Sociable but not gregarious, gentle and kind (most of the time), determinated, peremptory, responsible.
Defects: see "character", and also obstinate, runnaway like, easy to groan, unsatisfied, perfectionist, misogyn...
Like: Beauty, what is kind, easy, comfortable, and using plane, boat, 4WD, doing diving, travels, and so on.
Dislike: Bloody stupids, politicians and politic, equivocations, efforts, unexpected things.
Dislike too: Work, income tax, hitches, disorder and more than a bilion of other things.

...and now.

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